Whether You Haul It, Process It, or Dispose of It

FOG Waste is a costly headache that can be highly profitable. Greasezilla® Solves FOG Treatment and Disposal, Worldwide

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Greasezilla® removes brown grease from collected FOG waste. The system is simple to operate, works without additives or dewatering, leaves little to be further processed, and has a total operating expense of 1- 2¢ cents per gallon.

Greasezilla® generates it’s own heat using the very same biofuel it processes from FOG waste. No additives, additional processing, blending, or fossil fuels are required.

Greasezilla® is a turnkey standalone system that can also be used for the optimization of Dissolved Air Flotation & Anaerobic Digester systems. Greasezilla® can be used for complete separation or to homogenize substrates for digesters.

Brian Levine and Bill Hambley appeared on a recent episode of Digest Connect with host Jim Lane to talk about Greasezilla and its application in a growing number of industries.
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Wastewater Treatment Plants

who want to keep FOG waste out of sewers and infrastructure but want to insure it is being treated responsibly in their communities.

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Commercial FOG Processors

Who want to eliminate or significantly reduce costs associated with dewatering, composting, land applying, and hauling while adding revenue by selling the biofuel offtake.

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Grease Trap Waste Pumpers

who want to spend less time and money searching for, driving to and waiting for receiving stations that accept FOG waste—and want to spend more time servicing customers.

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Recent News

New Feedstock Options and Trends Boost Biodiesel Production

October 20th, 2020|

Biodiesel is receiving a boost from clean technology, like Greasezilla, that generates a low-cost, high-quality feedstock out of FOG waste. In this article, Brian Levine discusses how the biodiesel industry is benefitting from government programs, emerging technologies and growing public awareness of the need to lower overall consumption of fossil fuels.


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GREASEZILLA® Prevents This

While most communities have instituted FOG abatement programs at the commercial level and education programs for consumers, few are addressing what happens to Grease trap waste once it is collected. This can result in grease getting dumped untreated into sewer systems and causing sanitary sewer overflows. Rising disposal costs have led some municipal governments to subsidize tipping fees in an attempt to prevent illegal dumping, with limited success. In the U.S., approximately one of every two dollars allocated to sewer line maintenance is spent to repair grease clogs and other grease-related damage. This translates into a $25 billion headache annually.


is an environmentally sound alternative to chemically treating, lagooning, landfilling, incineration, or dumping FOG waste. Plus, Greasezilla® creates and burns its own fuel. It’s carbon negative, burning no fossil fuels in the process.

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