• Greasezilla Solves Worldwide (FOG) Processing Shortage with New System

    Greasezilla Solves Worldwide Fats, Oil & Grease (FOG) Processing Shortage with New Modular System The new modular Greasezilla system expands its FOG separation system to serve large food processors, wastewater treatment centers and waste haulers requiring FOG separation systems to be placed at any large-scale collection point  LANSING, W.Va. – March 25, 2020 – Downey Ridge Environmental Company, developer of Greasezilla™, announces that its industry leading FOG (fats, oils & grease) Brown Grease separation technology is now available in a modular system configuration to accommodate remote collection sites and large-scale food production facilities where high volumes of FOG are generated.  +


    This plant profile originally appeared in Water & Wastes Digest February 2020 issue as “HRSD Nansemond Treatment Plant” Located in Suffolk, Virginia, Hampton Roads Sanitation District’s  (HRSD) Nansemond Treatment Plant is devoted to using fats, oils & grease (FOG) separation technology to advance its processes. Serving Smithfield and Isle of Wight County, as well as parts of the cities of Chesapeake and Portsmouth, the HRSD Nansemond Treatment Plant discharges its treated effluent to the James River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. Excessive nutrients, including phosphorus and nitrogen, have been identified by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation as one of the +

  • Greasezilla to Introduce ‘Modular Zilla System’ at WWETT Show 2020

    LANSING, W.Va. – Feb. 14, 2020 – Downey Ridge Environmental Company, developer of Greasezilla™, announces its upcoming attendance at the WWETT show, Feb. 18-20 at the Indiana Convention Center. At Booth #2440, learn how Greasezilla’s ecological and cost-effective brown grease separator solves the FOG (fats, oils & grease) processing crisis for commercial haulers, waste stream operators and publicly owned treatment works. Booth visitors will also have a first look at Greasezilla’s latest innovation designed specifically for those who require flexibility in remote locations – The Greasezilla Containerized Modular System. +

  • Clearing the FOG – Reclaiming advanced biofuel from Fats, Oils and Grease

    By Ron Crosier, President, Downey Ridge Environmental Company Special to The Digest Biofuels offer a renewal energy source that can reduce dependence upon fossil fuels. The EPA reports that replacing fossil fuels with biofuels has the potential to reduce the negative effects of fossil fuel production and use, including conventional and greenhouse gases (GHG) pollutant emissions, exhaustible resource depletion, and dependence on unstable suppliers. Critics of biofuels argue that biofuel feedstocks require vast amounts of arable land, water and other resources that would otherwise be used for food production. Corn, for example, needs a large amount of water to grow, placing stress +

  • Danbury’s FOG-to-fuel solution

    An innovative FOG-to-Biodiesel approach addresses a costly problem for the wastewater industry and also generates a new energy resource for treatment operations. Brian Levine of GreasezillaTM and Al Barbarotta of REA explain. Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) waste is a serious and growing problem for the wastewater industry and the environment. Every year, grease costs municipalities millions of dollars in clogs, equipment damage, and sewer line repair. Not only is FOG costly to handle and remove, but it is also the primary cause of sewer backups. The largest source of grease comes from restaurants and commercial kitchens. Ideally, grease is +

  • Hampton Roads Sanitation District Selects Greasezilla for FOG Separation Technology at Nansemond Treatment Plant

    LANSING, W.VA, DEC 6, 2019 — Greasezilla™ has been selected by Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) to provide the most cost-effective and ecologically sound FOG (fats, oils and grease) Separation Technology for the Nansemond Treatment Plant in Suffolk, Virginia. HRSD did an industry-wide search for the most efficient and advanced system to separate FOG into its basic components, sending the water back to the treatment center headworks and responsibly recovering advanced biofuel. The construction of the new facility is expected to begin in Spring 2020. HRSD and the localities it serves are diligently working with responsible restaurant owners to keep +

  • Fats, Oils & Grease Waste

    Fats, oil, and grease (FOG) are a major problem for municipal systems around the world when they clog pipes and sewer systems and cost tax payers millions of dollars to clean up. Brian Levine joins the ZWC to talk about how his company Greasezilla is filtering out this waste before it enters problem areas and converting that waste to useful biofuel. We even talk about the future potential for tankers and cruise ships to use their own FOG waste for power! This would ultimately save FOG from being dumped in landfills and the ocean, while saving on dirty bunker fuel +

  • Battling FOG Waste with Technology – Greasezilla Invades WEFTEC

    Last week, leaders from municipal waste water and water quality utilities joined the industry experts and equipment manufacturers that make specialized water treatment technologies in Chicago for the annual WEFTEC Conference. This event, which is sponsored by the Water Environment Federation (WEF), is the premier conference and technology expo for the organizations that treat waste water and ensure that clean water is available to constituents, as well as the companies that are innovating new and exciting technologies to make water quality better and water treatment more effective. This year’s WEFTEC Conference came at a very interesting time in the waste water +

  • Greasezilla Selected by Danbury Wastewater Treatment Center

    Greasezilla Selected to be the Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Separation Technology for the Danbury Wastewater Treatment Center LANSING, W.Va. – Sept. 18, 2019 – GreasezillaTM, the most cost-effective and ecological brown grease separator available, is pleased to announce it has been selected as an integral part of a new state-of- the-art FOG-to-Biodiesel receiving station for the Danbury, Connecticut Waste Water Treatment facility. Greasezilla’s patented solution separates FOG into its basic elements, sending the water back to the treatments center headworks and recovering highly profitable brown grease as an Advanced Biofuel. At the heart of FOG receiving stations, the Greasezilla +

  • Revisit Your Facility’s Grease Waste Process and Turn FOG into an Asset

    Link to Original Article You may be flushing a valuable resource down the metaphorical drain when disposing of grease trap waste. Yes, the big bad wolf of commercial plumbing that the industry has struggled to combat over the past two decades may be hiding a gem in that mess of congealed fats, oils and grease. New technologies are allowing the possibility of resource recycling for FOG, and it’s arriving at a time when FOG is considered one of the most significant problems facing municipal systems and treatment plants. “There’s just a massive amount of FOG out there, and the challenge +