• Greasezilla Selected by Danbury Wastewater Treatment Center

    Greasezilla Selected to be the Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Separation Technology for the Danbury Wastewater Treatment Center LANSING, W.Va. – Sept. 18, 2019 – GreasezillaTM, the most cost-effective and ecological brown grease separator available, is pleased to announce it has been selected as an integral part of a new state-of- the-art FOG-to-Biodiesel receiving station for the Danbury, Connecticut Waste Water Treatment facility. Greasezilla’s patented solution separates FOG into its basic elements, sending the water back to the treatments center headworks and recovering highly profitable brown grease as an Advanced Biofuel. At the heart of FOG receiving stations, the Greasezilla +

  • Revisit Your Facility’s Grease Waste Process and Turn Fog Into an Asset

    Link to Original Article You may be flushing a valuable resource down the metaphorical drain when disposing of grease trap waste. Yes, the big bad wolf of commercial plumbing that the industry has struggled to combat over the past two decades may be hiding a gem in that mess of congealed fats, oils and grease. New technologies are allowing the possibility of resource recycling for FOG, and it’s arriving at a time when FOG is considered one of the most significant problems facing municipal systems and treatment plants. “There’s just a massive amount of FOG out there, and the challenge +


    As demand increases for alternative fuels, Greasezilla brown grease reclaimers may provide a disposal solution and new revenue stream for large haulers and publicly owned treatment works (POTWs). Greasezilla recovers brown grease using a low-resource process. “It’s a two-tank, two-boiler system. They feed in their waste, and it’s heated over a period of time, very systematically, at a rate that creates this separation. After a 24- to 30-hour period, the oil is extracted,” says Roger Sciorsci, national FOG (fats, oils and grease) consultant with Greasezilla. “The best part about Greasezilla is there are no additives; it just works on its +

  • Greasezilla in the News

    TechConnect highlights WV innovators such as Greasezilla, others, WV News, March 25, 2019 Treatment plant ready to turn grease into greenbacks, Wareham Week, Feb 13, 2017 +