The Patented Greasezilla©
Grease Trap Waste Separator

  • Produces very high quality advanced biofuel
  • Greasezilla© patented technology burns only a small fraction of the same fuel it generates
  • Greasezilla© is highly efficient and reasonably priced
  • Greasezilla© can significantly lower disposal costs and generate revenue
  • Greasezilla© removes water, debris, and food waste and produces a rich biofuel which can be used as a substitute for #6 fuel. By running entirely on the biofuel it harvests from grease trap waste, Greasezilla© eliminates fuel costs while using zero fossil fuels- making it the most cost-efficient and ecologically responsible brown grease separator available.

Why Greasezilla?©

We have become increasingly aware that removing fats, oils and greases (FOG) from sewer lines is a critical issue. Grease accumulation in sewer lines has been estimated to cause $25 billion in damage nationally every year. Municipalities are cracking down on grease trap neglect and new solutions for the trap waste disposal are necessary. Greasezilla©, either added to a POTW or utilized by a hauler, is the best all around solution.

750 Million Gallons

of Greasezilla Fuel Available

for capture from commercial grease traps in the United States annually




Greasezilla Can Turn a Nasty Problem into a Profitable Solution

Greasezilla© adds value to both sides of your ledger.  The highly efficient boiler and hydronic-fluid driven technology uses less than 5% of the biofuel it creates. This leaves the operator with significant production of a valuable advanced biofuel commodity with a variety of uses.

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Reduce Costs

Tired of paying exorbitant disposal fees?  Wish you didn’t have to drive so far to empty your trucks?  Wish there was a better way which made sense?  So did we. That’s why we invented the Greasezilla©.   By removing the fats, oils and grease from grease trap waste, the ease of disposal is dramatically improved.  This means more acceptance stations can accept more of your waste, thereby reducing your disposal fees.  A percentage of your manifested waste becomes a product that you sell for a profit, rather than pay to get rid of, and the rest becomes easier and cheaper to dispose of post-processing.  Win-win.