No additives

Greasezilla’s hydronic thermal system heats and separates FOG without any polymers, flocculants or chemical treatment.

Low operational expenses (OpEx)

Greasezilla’s process runs on approximately 5% of the ABF it generates and uses only a small amount of electricity to power the control unit.

No waste

Greasezilla completely separates waste into ABF, batter for digesters or composting, and pasteurized water, leaving virtually nothing to be landfilled.

Easy to operate and maintain

Greasezilla is a turnkey system that requires minimal staff hours to monitor and operate.

Highly Profitable

Greasezilla’s IRR demonstrates high profitability that results in an ROI of less than 2 years, even when the system is operated at half capacity.

Quick and Efficient Process

Greasezilla’s FOG separation process takes approximately 24 hours and can be monitored remotely through its SCADA-integrated PLC.

Fully Scalable

Greasezilla is easily scaled by adding additional reactor tanks.

Small footprint

Greasezilla’s standard two-tank reactor system requires a footprint of only 1,000 sq. ft.