Greasezilla supports a circular economy by processing a waste stream into renewable biofuels feedstock.

  • Reduces landfilling

    Greasezilla’s ecological process leaves virtually nothing to be landfilled

  • Ecological process

    Greasezilla separates FOG without using polymers, flocculants or chemical additives

  • Supports clean energy

    Greasezilla produces renewable biofuels feedstock for the biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel sectors

  • Low operational costs (OpEx)

    Greasezilla’s process runs on a small fraction of the ABF it generates and uses only a small amount of electricity to power the control unit

  • Highly profitable

    Greasezilla’s IRR demonstrates high profitability that results in an ROI of less than 2 years, even when the system is operated at half capacity

  • Simple to operate and maintain

    Greasezilla is a turnkey system requiring minimal staffing

  • Small footprint

    Greasezilla’s standard two reactor system requires a footprint of only 1000 square feet

  • Quick and efficient process


    Greasezilla’s separation process takes approximately 24-36 hours and features SCADA-integration for remote monitoring