grease trap waste pumper

Grease Trap Waste Pumpers

Spend less time and money searching for, driving to and waiting for receiving stations that accept FOG waste — and spend more time servicing customers.

wastewater treatment

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Keep FOG waste out of sewers and infrastructure and ensure it is being treated responsibly in your communities.

commercial food processing

Commercial Food Processors

Eliminate or significantly reduce costs associated with dewatering, composting, land applying, and hauling while adding revenue from tipping fees and advanced biofuel (ABF) sales.

Greasezilla® offers a practical, ecological system that manages FOG waste, providing a significant economic opportunity for haulers, pumpers, POTWs, and commercial food processors.


  • Requires no special electrical upgrades
  • Can be installed in virtually any commercial building
  • Is easy to operate and maintain
  • Is modular and designed to be expandable and scalable


  • Uses hydronic fluid rather than steam for heat transfer, eliminating scaling
  • Requires no flocculants, polymers or other costly additives
  • Exhaust emissions have no detectable color or odor
  • Burns a small fraction of the very fuel it produces
  • Process 8-10 million gallons per year

Environmentally friendly

  • Removes FOG from the waste stream
  • Processes it into a biofuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creates pasteurized, headworks-ready effluent water
  • Creates instead of consuming resources

Cost effective

  • Eliminates costs associated with dewatering, drying, lagooning, land applying, incinerating, composting.
  • Significantly reduces post treatment hauling volume and costs
  • Greasezilla owners capture tipping fees
  • Generates revenue through the sale of the biofuel offtake

Revenue Share Program

Ask us about our zero capital outlay program.