Greasezilla® offers a practical, cost-effective, ecological system that turns FOG disposal into a significant economic opportunity.


  • Systems are available for interior or exterior placements
  • Is easy to operate and maintain
  • Is modular and designed to be expandable and scalable

Environmentally friendly

  • Removes FOG from the waste stream
  • Processes it into a biofuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creates pasteurized, headworks-ready effluent water
  • Creates instead of consuming resources


  • Uses hydronic fluid rather than steam for heat transfer, eliminating scaling
  • Requires no flocculants, polymers or other costly additives
  • Exhaust emissions have no detectable color or odor
  • Burns a small fraction of the very fuel it produces
  • Processes 8-10 million gallons per year

Cost effective

  • Eliminates costs associated with dewatering, drying, lagooning, land applying, incinerating, composting.
  • Significantly reduces post treatment hauling volume and costs
  • Greasezilla owners capture disposal fees from area haulers
  • Generates revenue through the sale of the biofuel offtake