Downey Ridge Environmental Company Establishes Greasezilla Fuel for Brown Grease Sales

As a proven leader in FOG separation and waste reduction, Greasezilla is making its mark on the renewable fuels industry.

LANSING, W.Va. – Nov. 24, 2023 – Downey Ridge Environmental Company, developer of Greasezilla FOG (fats, oils & grease) separation and processing system, announces the creation of Greasezilla Fuel to manage the sale of brown grease on behalf of Greasezilla clients. Greasezilla Fuel adds to Downey Ridge’s offerings with a comprehensive service plan that arranges picks up, transport, and sale of brown grease produced by Greasezilla’s FOG separation process. Clients now have the benefit of generating revenue for their Greasezilla Brown Grease without the hassle of managing the transport and sale themselves.

“Greasezilla Fuel benefits our company and clients alike,” said Brian Levine, EVP, Downey Ridge Environmental Company. “Through our established extensive network in the commodities market, we’re able to achieve best pricing for our customers. The quality of Greasezilla’s low carbon intensity, brown grease offtake enhances its allure on the commodities exchange.”

Brown Grease is an advanced biofuel and bio feedstock commodity that can be used in renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, biodiesel, and marine fuels. As an RIN-qualified waste feedstock, Brown Grease lowers the overall carbon intensity in finished biofuel products and has become an invaluable resource for refineries.

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