Greasezilla’s industry leading FOG (fats, oils & grease) separation technology is now available in a self-contained, fully-enclosed configuration adaptable to most locations

Lansing, W.Va. – Nov. 3, 2021 – Downey Ridge Environmental Company, developer of Greasezilla FOG separation and processing systems, announces the release of a new enclosed modular system produced for sites that require or desire exterior placement. The self-contained system makes it easier than ever for pumpers and wastewater treatment facilities to incorporate Greasezilla into their operations.

Without the need for physical building space, the modular Greasezilla℠ system can be delivered and installed almost anywhere in the world.

The new Greasezilla℠ configuration consists of two units:

  • Two 10,000-gallon hydronic thermal processing reactors for FOG separation, for up to 10 million gallons of grease trap waste per year, per module.
  • Fully automated Greasezilla℠ hydronic system module with integrated SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), allowing both on-side and remote monitoring of Greasezilla’s℠ system processes and status.

“Our containerized modular configuration was designed to offer the same benefits and advantages Greasezilla℠ is known for without space or placement limitations,” said Ron Crosier, CEO of Downey Ridge Environmental Company and the head of product development. “Greasezilla℠ not only solves the FOG problem, but also offers exceptional profitability to our clients. Greasezilla℠ systems have lower operational costs than alternative solutions and an ROI of less than two years. Clients gain new revenue by offering disposal to other pumpers and by selling their ABF on the commodities market.”

As the leading solution provider for managing and recycling the overabundance of FOG created by food establishments and industrial food production facilities, Greasezilla℠ ecologically processes grease trap waste into Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel (ABF) and other resources, reducing waste and contributing to a sustainable future. As a result, Greasezilla℠ is playing a major role in landfill mitigation and is finding growing applications in a variety of industries, including wastewater treatment, biofuel production and biodiesel manufacturing.

With FOG disposal fees at an all-time high and a growing awareness of sustainable practices, more haulers and wastewater treatment facilities are discovering the operational, environmental and financial benefits of Greasezilla℠. Recent and upcoming installations include New Orleans, LA; Jacksonville, FL; Austin, TX; Cincinnati, OH; Chicago, IL; Suffolk, VA; and South Carolina.

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