Groveland, FL

Greasezilla is ideal for wastewater utilities focused on resource recovery.

Recently, Greasezilla worked with Woodard & Curran to install a system for the City of Groveland. The site selected an exterior location for Greasezilla to handle its FOG processing and disposal.

Arlington, TN

An increasing number of liquid waste haulers are turning to Greasezilla to improve their FOG processing and disposal as well as their profits.

A privately-owned liquid waste business in Tennessee installed a Greasezilla system for its sustainability and profitability.

Sylmar, CA

An environmentally-conscious pumper installed Greasezilla to improve his company’s handling of grease trap waste and used cooking oil. By adding Greasezilla, the company is able to repurpose brown and yellow grease as advanced biofuel feedstocks, reducing waste and providing a resource for biofuel production.

Read the case study here.

  • Sylmar, CA Greasezilla system

Columbia, SC

SCWU Environmental Services, a SouthWest Water Company, incorporated Greasezilla into one of its utility sites. Located near Columbia, the facility selected a three reactor system to accommodate the volume of FOG it accepts.

Franklin, OH

A privately-owned pumper business that land applies grease trap waste purchased a Greasezilla system to “get the grease out.”

Greasezilla is able to separate out the brown grease and water, leaving a rich batter layer for effective land application.