Published in Modern Restaurant Management (online).

Greasezilla® Expands into Food Processing

Downey Ridge Environmental Company, developer of Greasezilla®, reports its installed base is expanding beyond its traditional wastewater treatment and grease trap waste hauling sectors and into the biodiesel production, anaerobic digestion, food processing and water reclamation industries.

Communities from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and around the globe are seeking a workable solution to help them combat FOG to protect their water infrastructure and meet environmental goals. Greasezilla® is the leading, purely ecological solution to manage the overabundance of FOG created from commercial and industrial food production facilities worldwide. The newest application of Greasezilla® is in the food processing industry, where FOG can be processed at its source, instead of hauling it to other locations for processing and disposal. Greasezilla® recently introduced a flexible, modular system configuration to accommodate remote and large-scale food production facilities. The new modular Greasezilla® system can be placed at any large-scale collection point. Designed for both interior and exterior placement, the modular Greasezilla® FOG separation system is scalable in 10,000-gallon increments, with a new system slated for Massachusetts.