Greasezilla Network Distributes Advanced Biofuel Globally to Meet Growing Demand for Alternative Fuels

The leading manufacturer of FOG Separation technology will use its network to distribute Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel generated by Greasezilla systems

LANSING, W.Va. – May 6, 2021 – Greasezilla™, a product of the Downey Ridge Environmental Company, announces the development of an international distribution network to manage sales of its advanced biofuel byproduct on behalf of its customers. Greasezilla systems produce a Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel (ABF) in nearly every region of the country. The distribution network offers Greasezilla’s clients a proven channel that provides the best value for their commodity while filling a rising demand for alternative fuels worldwide.

“Our company goal is to be the most forward-thinking, environmentally effective technology in FOG separation today,” said Ron Crosier, president, Downey Ridge Environmental Company. “After years of building and implementing Greasezilla systems for our customers, we are pleased to distribute Advanced Biofuel through our established, global network.”

Guy Campinha, Director of Water Pollution Control for the Town of Wareham, Mass., said, “Our Greasezilla system has been running for over five years. Greasezilla makes it efficient to handle the biofuel offtake, reducing the time and personnel needed to ensure the best price for your ABF on the commodities market.”

The international distribution network resells Greasezilla’s ABF in markets with the greatest demand: the maritime industry, the industrial sector and biodiesel producers. Greasezilla Fuel meets Marine Engine Fuel sulfur limits specified by the 2020 IMO regulations. Additionally, the less than one percent moisture content and low-cost inputs make Brown Grease the most desirable feedstock for the clean fuel sector and biodiesel conversion technologies.

“For us, the integration of Greasezilla into our biodiesel manufacturing process provides a quality feedstock from an otherwise difficult process,” said Jessica Sweeney, Vice President of CF Technologies, Inc., Boston, Mass. “We see FOG and Brown Grease – and many in the industry agree – as the biggest untapped opportunity in the renewable fuel market today, and we’re excited about being part of it.”

Currently, the majority of FOG collected in the United States is landfilled or incinerated as a waste product. Greasezilla is changing this dynamic by processing FOG into a consolidated Brown Grease conversion-ready feedstock. By recovering fuel resources, Greasezilla transforms the negative value waste stream into a useful, salable product. Additionally, the Greasezilla system reduces the landfilling of FOG-based organic solids and landfill-related methane emissions.

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About Downey Ridge Environmental Company

Downey Ridge Environmental Company is a leading global manufacturer of Grease-to-Fuel clean technology and advanced biofuel production. Greasezilla™ patented technology is a turnkey standalone system that can also be used for the optimization of anaerobic digester systems and provides a pristine offtake for biodiesel production. Greasezilla can be used for complete separation and provides an environmentally sound alternative to chemically treating, lagooning, landfilling, incineration or dumping FOG waste. By running entirely on the biofuel it harvests, Greasezilla eliminates fuel costs while using zero fossil fuels, making it the most cost-efficient and ecologically responsible Brown Grease separator available. For more information, please visit