The Greasezilla duel tank system heats and separates FOG without need for additives.

Published in Filtration Separation (online)

Growing Demand for Greasezilla FOG Separation System

The Downey Ridge Environmental Company, US developer of the Greasezilla® FOG separation technology, has reported that demand for its system is expanding beyond its traditional wastewater treatment and grease trap waste hauling sectors into the biodiesel production, anaerobic digestion, food processing and water reclamation industries.

The Greasezilla® system can separate up to 40,000 gallons of raw grease trap waste per day. After the separation process is complete, the Brown Grease (advanced biofuel) offtake is pumped into holding tanks to be sold on the commodity markets. The remaining water is pasteurized and nearly free of all suspended solids and safe for discharge into a wastewater treatment facility. The offtake works as a feedstock for biodiesel conversion.

For anaerobic digestion, the company’s FOG separation process balances the biology and the input stream to provide a balanced feedstock for digesters, while in the water reclamation industry, Greasezilla® works as a pre-treatment process.

The newest application of Greasezilla® is in the food processing industry, where FOG can be processed at its source. The company’s new flexible, modular system can accommodate remote and large-scale food production facilities.