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Grease Trap Waste disposal has never been easy . . . until now.

More regulation. Disappearing disposal locations. Pumpers and haulers provide a critical service to food service establishments by professionally cleaning grease traps and disposing of grease trap waste in a safe and professional manner. However, the number of receiving stations and disposal options is leading to long tipping queues, higher tipping fees and limited access to disposal sites. As a result, haulers are spending more time on the road and facing higher costs to maintain their businesses.

Greasezilla gives haulers the flexibility and cost savings to effectively manage FOG disposal and turn inconvenience and frustration into profits.

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  • Does not require polymers flocculants or other chemicals.

  • Recovers energy resources from the FOG waste stream.

  • Reduces the amount of waste heading to landfills.

  • Runs on 5% of the ABF it produces.

  • Spend less time and fuel traveling long distances to dispose of grease trap waste.

  • Collect tipping fees from area haulers instead of paying for your disposal.

  • Spend more time servicing your customers.

  • Remote monitoring capabilities require minimum staffing.

  • Lower operational costs than alternatives.

  • ROI is less than 2 years.

  • Create a profitable new revenue stream by offering disposal to other pumpers and haulers.

  • Gain additional revenue by selling the ABF offtake on the commodities market.

  • Interior and exterior systems available.

Greasezilla New Orleans installation
Greasezilla system diagram

Greasezilla technology will take grease trap waste and separate it into three distinct layers:

1. Rich Brown Grease, comprising approximately 15 percent, is pumped into holding tanks and converted into a rich, advanced biofuel. Five percent of the carbon positive biofuel returns to fuel Greasezilla, and the other 95 percent is a salable commodity that can be used as a substitute for Fuel Oil #6. The low-moisture content (less than 1%) also makes the ABF an excellent feedstock for biodiesel conversion technologies.

2. Batter, making up about 5 percent, can serve as an excellent feedstock for anaerobic digesters. It can also be treated with traditional processes or be processed with the effluent water.

3. Residual pasteurized effluent water, comprising approximately 80 percent of the material and nearly free of suspended solids, can be safely discharged to a wastewater treatment facility.

Greasezilla developed an international distribution network to offer clients a proven channel that provides the best value for the Brown Grease commodity while filling a rising demand for alternative fuels worldwide.

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