Wastewater Treatment Plants: Protect your infrastructure and know FOG is being processed responsibly in your community

  • Assists in compliance with CFR 40 403.2a” and 403.5b(3)”
    • No introduction of pollutants into the plant that may inhibit operations
  • Keep headworks and entire plant free from Grease
  • Reduce maintenance headaches and costs.
  • Only treat pasteurized effluent and water
  • Collect tipping fees to offset plant costs
  • Provide a heat source for other processes and facilities at the plant
  • Create a revenue stream by marketing your own biofuel
  • Reclaim a valuable energy source from a waste stream
  • Have confidence FOG is being treated responsibly in your city

Commercial FOG Processors: Reduce your costs and add revenue

  • Become the large FOG waste processor in your area. Generate tipping fee revenue.
  • Low operating costs
  • Minimal labor requirement
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • No polymers, flocculants, or dewatering required
  • Runs on its own energy: uses <5% of energy it captures in the refining process
  • Allows the balance of the waste to be disposed of economically
  • Processes FOG waste into an Advanced BioFuel sold as a premium commodity <1% moisture, zero suspended solids >50 microns
  • Virtually unlimited raw material (grease trap waste) pumped daily from traps and interceptors in your community.

Grease Trap Waste Pumpers: Make time for what you do best… Service Customers!

  • Less distance, fuel and time required to dispose of FOG waste
  • Trucks not waiting at receiving stations
  • Less time searching for receiving stations accepting Today….not next week!
  • Lower receiving station fees
  • More time spent servicing customers