Greasezilla® is a turnkey standalone system that separates and processes FOG waste. The system’s grease-separating process enables the operator to remove FOG from the grease trap waste stream, reduce waste disposal expenses, create new revenue and run a cleaner, greener, more eco-friendly operation. No additives, additional processing, blending, or fossil fuels required.

Greasezilla® operates without dewatering, leaves nothing to be landfilled, and has a total operating cost of 1-2 cents per gallon. The separation process produces a high-quality advanced biofuel making Greasezilla® the ideal front-end pretreatment system for FOG waste.

The Greasezilla® unit runs on brown grease; about 5 percent of the brown grease produced in each batch is pumped back into the system and used as fuel.

Greasezilla® eases the financial sting of ever-increasing disposal fees, labor costs and transportation expenses associated with trips to further treatment and waste water plants. In addition, it creates new revenue streams by generating a high-quality brown grease salable commodity and through processing fees from other pumpers.

exterior modular system


  • Simple

    Our modular design is expandable, scalable and easy to operate and maintain.

  • Green

    The purely ecological process turns FOG waste into water and energy resources.

  • Efficient

    A standard system processes 8-10 million gallons per year.

  • Affordable

    Operators realize an ROI of less than two years, with revenue from disposal fees and sales of Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel.

Who could benefit?

Wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Keep FOG waste out of sewers and infrastructure and ensure it is being treated responsibly in your communities.

Greasezilla, greasezilla, grease, grease-removal, wasteGrease Pumpers

Spend less time and money searching for, driving to and waiting for receiving stations that accept FOG waste- and spend more time servicing customers.

Greasezilla, greasezilla, grease, grease-removal, waste

Commercial Food Processors

Eliminate or significantly reduce costs associated with dewatering, composting, land applying, and hauling while adding revenue from disposal fees and advanced biofuel (ABF) sales.


The System

A standard Greasezilla® system includes dual 10,000-gallon, double-wall, insulated steel tanks. Two tanks increase efficiency. As one tank processes the other can be harvested, drained and reloaded. A full tank weighs about 95,000 pounds, so any commercial building with a concrete slab can handle the weight. Systems are also available for exterior placement. The unit requires no special electrical upgrades.

Greasezilla hydronic grease separation tank

Unit 1: Reactor Tank

  • 10,000-gallon insulated, double-walled horizontal reactor tank
  • Outer shell for secondary containment
  • Perlite thermal insulation within the interstice
  • External inlet and outlet manifolds
  • Access ladder and safety rails to upper observation deck
  • Tank construction is impact resistant, ballistics resistant and provides for secondary containment
  • Dimensions: approximately 10¼ ft. diameter x 13¼ ft high x 20 ft long
  • On-site installation assistance included in purchase contract

Unit 2: Patented Greasezilla® Fuel System

  • 3-phase pump motor (240/480 volt) with 120-volt controls
  • Greasezilla® is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) interface
  • Patented Greasezilla® fuel system, the only technology which can use 100%, un-blended, grease-trap derived biofuel
  • Heavy duty 800k to 1m BTU proprietary hydronic heater
  • Hydronic system, not steam, for safety and insurance considerations
  • Engineered with highest quality components
  • Dimensions: approximately 11¼ ft wide x 7¼ ft deep x 7 ft high (allow additional height for air vent)
Greasezilla is equipped with a programmable logic controller interface