Greasezilla® Solves Worldwide Fats, Oil & Grease (FOG) Processing Shortage with New Modular System

The new modular Greasezilla® system expands its FOG separation system to serve large food processors, wastewater treatment centers and waste haulers requiring FOG separation systems to be placed at any large-scale collection point 

LANSING, W.Va. – March 25, 2020 – Downey Ridge Environmental Company, developer of Greasezilla®, announces that its industry leading FOG (fats, oils & grease) Brown Grease separation technology is now available in a modular system configuration to accommodate remote collection sites and large-scale food production facilities where high volumes of FOG are generated. 

Worldwide, there is an overabundance of FOG being created from commercial and industrial food production facilities. A dire shortage of FOG processing solutions and centers limit disposal options which takes a heavy toll on municipal infrastructure, even though FOG collection commonly referred to as GTW (Grease Trap Waste), is heavily regulated and enforced. 

Ron Crosier, CEO, Downey Ridge Environmental Company, said, “Greasezilla® has responded to the increasing global need for a practical, ecologically and financially beneficial FOG processing solution by adapting Greasezilla® technology into a new standalone modular system with the flexibility to be placed at the source. Facilities that generate or collect large volumes of FOG ranging from waste haulers to large food processors and even large public facilities can now benefit from our Brown Grease separation technology”. 

Designed for both interior and exterior placement, the modular Greasezilla® FOG separation system is scalable in 10,000-gallon processing modules. Each module permits a site to process up to four million gallons of grease trap waste per year. Modular Greasezilla® systems ship fully assembled, streamlining the installation process. 

Greasezilla® is also announcing a new lease-to-own program, providing additional flexibility for its customers. Furthermore, Greasezilla® announces that its Fuel division will purchase the Brown Grease, an Advanced Biofuel produced by its systems as a service to its clients. The Brown Grease commodity offtake service offers Greasezilla® customers the opportunity to profit from ‘Greasezilla® Fuel’ without the hassle of managing the reselling process themselves. 

“The demand for our systems has never been higher and now Greasezilla® can operate at the source with its distributed technology.  Greasezilla®’s innovative and patented solution separates FOG while reclaiming an advanced biofuel. Greasezilla® systems are powered on just 5 percent of the biofuel it produces. The revenues generated by tipping fees and the reduced expenses generates a ROI (return on investment) in less than two years. In addition, we are pleased to offer a lease to own and Brown Grease offtake purchasing programs,” adds Brian Levine, Executive Vice President, Downey Ridge Environmental Company. 

Greasezilla® systems are currently used worldwide with new systems being installed in the Chicago, Virginia and New Orleans markets. Internationally, Greasezilla® is active in South East Asia, the Caribbean, Middle East and South America. Greasezilla®’s systems can be found in the biodiesel, wastewater management, commercial real estate, grease trap waste hauling and food processing industries.

About Greasezilla®

Greasezilla® is a leading global manufacturer of Grease2Green clean technology and advanced biofuel production. Greasezilla® patented technology is a turnkey standalone system that can also be used for the optimization of Anaerobic Digester systems and a pristine offtake for Bio Diesel production. Greasezilla® can be used for complete separation and provides an environmentally sound alternative to chemically treating, lagooning, landfilling, incineration or dumping FOG waste. By running entirely on the biofuel harvested, the Greasezilla® system eliminates fuel costs while using zero fossil fuels, making it the most cost-efficient and ecologically responsible brown grease separator available. For more information, please visit: