New Orleans Pumper Installs Greasezilla℠ for Efficient, Eco-friendly Grease Trap Waste Disposal

LANSING, W.Va. – July 20, 2020 – Downey Ridge Environmental Company, developer of Greasezilla℠, has been selected by Safeway Used Oil and Grease to provide its FOG (fats, oils and grease) Separation Technology. The independent hauler is installing a state-of-the-art Greasezilla℠ system to help dispose and recycle the vast amounts of grease trap waste they collect from foodservice businesses. The system provides them with a cost-effective disposal process that reduces landfilling practices while also generating a clean advanced biofuel (ABF).

Safeway Used Oil and Grease is a premier provider of grease trap cleaning services in New Orleans. The family-owned business started off as a motor oil collection and recycling company and has since added cooking oil collection and recycling to its services. Safeway Used Oil and Grease partners with commercial, industrial, and institutional clients, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools, among others.

Cooking oil and grease not disposed of properly ends up going down the drain, where it cools and solidifies. When cooking oils and batters harden in the plumbing system, it accumulates on the walls of pipes, capturing other debris and food particles, thus causing large obstructions to develop. Even if these substances do make it through the pipes without blocking them, they can cause damage to sewer water collection systems and treatment facilities. For that reason, commercial kitchens are required to have a grease trap to catch harmful substances before they get into the plumbing system.

It is necessary for grease traps to be maintained and pumped on a regular basis. However, pumpers like Safeway Used Oil and Grease that haul commercial grease trap waste, are experiencing a dire shortage of FOG processing solutions. Receiving stations are currently limiting disposal options and raising tipping fees, leaving pumpers waiting in long lines or driving long distances to find a place where they can dump their loads. In doing so, foodservice customers may have to wait longer periods of time to get their grease traps pumped and maintained. Not only is this a hazard for the foodservice facility, but it also creates frustrations for foodservice owners.

Carlo Cacioppo, Safeway Used Oil and Grease, said, “I initially figured that a system like Greasezilla℠ would be too expensive for my family business. However, as business grew, we began running into disposal problems. I realized we had to become independent and start doing things on our own. We were having a lot of difficulties disposing of the waste. And then on top of that, it was too costly. If we could afford to pay somebody else for disposal, we figured we could afford to pay for a Greasezilla℠ system that would help us process FOG, get rid of it and even use it.”

Now, Safeway Used Oil and Grease will be able to process the grease trap waste safely and quickly, and even guarantee that it will go on to have further purpose as an advanced biofuel or as feedstock for biodiesel conversion technologies. In addition to providing a green disposal solution, Greasezilla℠ is a highly profitable process that generates new tipping revenue fees, offers a variety of options for purchasing, leasing and revenue sharing without the need for government subsidies, and realizes a payback of less than two years on its equipment.

Cacioppo continued, “The Greasezilla℠ system is going to benefit myself and others by making the waste disposal a whole lot faster. Moving forward, I plan on opening this operation up to other haulers in the area and invite them to dispose of their grease trap waste using our Greasezilla℠ system. The goal is to work together with other people in our industry to provide faster and safer maintenance throughout New Orleans.”

Brian Levine, executive vice president, Greasezilla℠, said, “We are so pleased to have our advanced separation system installed in the New Orleans market. When you think of New Orleans, you can’t help but think of their phenomenal cuisine. This is an opportunity for Safeway to ensure proper, efficient and effective grease trap waste processing from the many foodservice establishments in area. We can’t think of better operators or a better market for Greasezilla℠ than Safeway and New Orleans.”

About Safeway Used Oil and Grease

Safeway Used Oil and Grease is a trusted grease trap cleaning and used oil collection company located in St. Bernard, Louisiana. Safeway is EPA Licensed and offers the expertise its customers’ need with 20 years of experience. Services include commercial used oil collection, grease trap cleaning and inspections, and emergency grease trap cleaning and oil removal. Along with being experts in grease trap cleaning and oil collection, customers find comfort in the fact that Safeway is a family and locally owned business. For more information, please visit:

About Greasezilla

Greasezilla℠ is a leading global manufacturer of Grease2Green clean technology and advanced biofuel production. Greasezilla℠ is a turnkey standalone system that optimizes FOG separation and generates a pristine offtake for biodiesel production. Greasezilla℠ patented technology can be used for complete separation and provides a purely ecological sound alternative to chemically treating, lagooning, landfilling, incineration or dumping FOG waste. By running entirely on five percent of the advanced biofuel it harvests, Greasezilla℠ eliminates fuel costs while using zero fossil fuels, making it the most cost- efficient and ecologically responsible Brown Grease separator available. For more information, please visit: